We, as individuals, come in different shapes and sizes and with our own unique set of preferences. We compromise on certain things, but we should never compromise on comfort. The SleepTailor® mattress (Exclusive to Snooze) features dual feels, ensuring it’s tailored to you and your partner's differing comfort needs.

Customised to each side

Each SleepTailor® mattress is made to order and customised to suit you and your partner’s individual comfort - each side with its independent feel and support system.

German-made and engineered spring system

Featuring the new German-made Nested Duo pocket spring unit for each individual support while you and your partner sleep.

Designed in Melbourne, handcrafted in Australia

Locally designed in Melbourne, SleepTailor® is passionately handcrafted by our local craftsmen.


SleepTailor® is a customisable mattress range that can be tailored to you and your partner's individual needs. Each mattress is built with German-made and engineered nested pocket springs and European designed stretch-knit fabric for a softer texture and improved breathability. Each side is customised with your preferred feel with 1-firm, 2-medium and 3-plush. To find your preferred feel, try our Snooze Profiler® in-store.

Dual Feels

Memory Foam


Nested Pocket Springs

Platinum Luxe

Expertly handcrafted with European micro Tencel® stretch-knit and loft quilt fabric, the Platinum Luxe mattress creates luxurious comfort. The German-made nested pocket springs together with open-cell memory foam cushioning and a Technogel 3D comfort layer offer improved weight distribution to help contour to your body for a more restful night’s sleep.


The combination of individually coiled German-made pocket springs and Technogel are designed to help improve contouring in targeted zones of your body. The Platinum mattress is crafted with quality wool fibre memory foam and European micro Tencel® stretch-knit fabric to improve comfort and breathability.


The Gold mattress has been constructed with European designed stretch-knit fabric and German-engineered pocket springs. It also offers an adjustable design with massage to cater to your in-bed lifestyle.


With German-engineered pocket springs and a European designed stretch-knit fabric for improved breathability, the Silver mattress features an adjustable design that can cater to your in-bed lifestyle.


Select-O-Pedic has expertly handcrafted SleepTailor® (exclusive to Snooze). Renowned for mastering the art of mattress craftsmanship, Select-O-Pedic is the creator behind Madison and our household brand, Slumberland. Three men started the tradition at a small workshop in Huntingdale, Victoria, in 1983. With over 300 local staff members, Select-O-Pedic has achieved a manufacturing footprint across Australia to help cater to the ever-growing demand for their quality mattresses.

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