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At Snooze, we have a beautiful collection of sheet sets, pillowcases and quilt covers from a range of premium brands, including our own Snooze brand. We also offer a wide selection of quality bedding including pillows, quilts and protectors. Most of our products are available in a range of sizes fro...

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Whether you are buying a new mattress online or in-store, the question of adding a mattress protector to your order is likely to come up. ‘Hang on,’ you think to yourself, ‘aren’t those for kids or overactive bladders?’ While it’s a popular misconception mattress protectors guard against life’s little accidents alone, these simple covers play a considerable role in helping to protect your mattress. Learn why a mattress protector should be at the top of your list after buying a new mattress.

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Autumn is here and along with it the crisp weather that will have all of us yearning to spend more time in the bedroom for added warmth under the covers. It’s imperative that your sanctuary reflects a comfortable atmosphere that is enjoyable yet stimulating enough to pry you away from the beloved sheets each and every morning. Whether you’re on the lookout to give your bedroom a complete style overhaul, or a quick and easy refresh, we’ve rounded up our top four ways to bring a sense of Autumn into your bedroom.

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Do you go to bed and spend the first few minutes flipping and angling your pillow until it feels just right? Whether you like the cold side up or love an armful of cushion to hug, the quality of your pillow can impact how well you sleep at night. 

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Long days spent by the beach, evening BBQs with friends and crisp, fresh air are just some of our favourite things when it comes to Summer. But for many of us, Summer nights can bring on constant tossing and turning as temperatures remain excessively humid, leaving us desperate for a good night’s sleep. Thankfully, there are multiple measures you can take to cool your body down in the evening and maintain a comfortable temperature during the night. Read on for our tips on how to snooze the Summer away. 

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