Snooze was established in 1974 with one store in Melbourne, under the trading name, ‘Capt’n Snooze’. It was one of Australia's first bedroom specialist stores, offering new standards of service, expertise and range.

Demand grew and soon five new stores opened and by 1976, Snooze had successfully franchised stores in Victoria and New South Wales.

In 1992 Snooze expanded into Queensland, merging with the franchised bedding group, Bedpost, establishing the company as one of the largest specialised franchised bedding chains in the world.

Today, Snooze has more than 80 stores located in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia, and enjoys great buying power to ensure customers enjoy the very best value.

In 2002, Snooze became a wholly owned subsidiary of Freedom Group Limited, a lifestyle retail organisation operating in Australia and New Zealand with brands including Freedom, Bayswiss, Guests and Leather Republic.

2006 saw many changes – the brand had a makeover – leaving behind the ‘Capt’n’ component of the name, the cartoon-like cap and the red and black logo. Snooze stores all over Australia began rolling out a new look in stores, featuring a warm chocolate brown colour palette.

Freedom Group Limited joined the Steinhoff International group, and was renamed Steinhoff Asia Pacific Limited. Steinhoff International is a global raw materials, manufacturing, distribution and retail organisation with operations in 17 countries.

The sharing of expertise, product and marketing information along with product sourcing and manufacturing opportunities has added another dimension to the Snooze brand.

Today, Snooze offers customers high level of service, value and professional advice on a great range of beds and bedroom furniture.

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